The Omnitas Spectrum

The Omnitas Spectrum: The Game-Changing Updates of 2023!

November 29, 2023
In the debut episode of The Omnitas Spectrum, join Omnita’s CEO Thomas Karlsson and CRO Fredrik Kastenholm as they delve into the latest updates from over the past year. Discover their top picks and the updates they deemed less impactful. Plus, get a sneak peek into what the future holds for, straight from the experts.

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00:00:00 Intro
00:00:38 Mobile My Work experience revamped
00:02:01 User management settings available in on mobile
00:02:16 Send emails from shared accounts on Emails & Activities
00:03:08 Instantly add a workdoc template
00:03:41 Jira integration two-way sync
00:04:49 Filter notifications by person
00:05:31 Custom roles for account permissions
00:06:38 Instantly copy item columns to subitems
00:07:52 Dock your widgets for a single-mode view
00:09:00 Ability to edit custom automation recipes
00:10:17 Improved dashboard creation flow
00:10:43 Performance improvements while scrolling
00:11:09 Ability to hide File and Doc Column
00:11:31 WorkForm RTL language support
00:11:43 New permission type: Create doc on item
00:12:18 No action mode for dependencies
00:13:28 Customize default notifications for new users
00:14:10 See your sales team ranked in a leaderboard
00:15:13 Remove fields from user’s profile
00:15:26 Export your Gantt chart
00:16:18 Improved Emails & Activities privacy settings
00:17:01 monday dev is out of Beta
00:17:40 Dedicated WorkForm automation recipes
00:18:35 Robust conditions in the Jira Integration
00:19:07 View your team’s content
00:19:50 Restore multiple items at once
00:20:14 Enhance board search options
00:21:05 Say hello to monday AI assistant
00:23:00 Instantly report automation issues
00:23:37 Easily locate your notifications
00:24:00 Dashboard Hub for
00:24:32 Send mass emails in one click
00:25:45 App ratings & reviews for developers
00:26:17 Workload Widgets color customizations
00:27:20 Upgraded mobile Crm item page
00:27:43 One by one for WorkForms
00:28:23 Mandatory Fields app
00:29:15 Additional divide options in Kanban
00:30:03 Improved iOS My Work Experience
00:31:06 Priority Pro app
00:31:21 has a new look!
00:31:43 Instantly understand last lead activity
00:32:33 Use the People Column in a monday WorkForm
00:33:56 Transfer automations before users deactivation
00:34:30 Automatically connect subitems to items
00:35:10 Build formulas with ease using monday AI
00:35:40 Introducing the new Update Feed
00:36:22 Kanban navigational improvements
00:37:41 React to updates with Emojis
00:38:08 Personalize your workdoc cover photo
00:39:00 Set a team as a board or doc owner
00:39:42 WorkForms submissions analytics page
00:40:13 HTML email editor on Emails and Activities
00:42:07 Template your Workspace
00:42:48 Date Column Revamp
00:43:28 Priority column on My Work
00:44:22 Lock your views to prevent unwanted edits
00:45:36 AI Assistant within Emails & Activities
00:46:03 Workload availability management
00:47:20 AI Assistant within WorkDocs
00:47:53 Advanced dependencies
00:50:19 Analyze mass email performance
00:50:49 Improved accessibility for permissions management
00:51:45 Filter in the app marketplace
00:52:01 Clarity on automation actions
00:52:37 Set a team as dashboard owner
00:53:01 Set a response limit to your WorkForm
00:53:45 Pause notifications on your mobile app
00:54:14 Create new contacts from a form
00:55:06 Create a welcome screen for your form
00:55:36 New admin capabilities for integration
00:56:23 Outro

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