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Sneak Peek:'s Game-Changing New Features 2024

Join us for an exclusive inside look at's prestigious annual event, Elevate, which took place on November 30th in London. Our CEO, Thomas Karlsson, attended the event and in this episode, Thomas delves deep into what has in store for the future of its suite of products. Get ready to discover’s roadmap, the upcoming features and groundbreaking developments that are set to revolutionize how we use But that's not all – Thomas also reveals the highly anticipated and closely guarded secret of's latest product innovation.

Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve with's evolving ecosystem. Tune in now and be the first to know what's next!

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00.00.00 Intro
00.00.26 What is Elevate?
00.01.57 monday work management - features roadmap
00.08.55 monday sales CRM - features roadmap
00.16.50 monday dev - features roadmap
00.23.08 new product
00.26.52 Outro

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