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Advanced automation in monday.com with Autoboost

December 14, 2023

Join us for an enlightening webinar featuring Fredrik Kastenholm, Co-founder and CRO of Omnitas Consulting, alongside Shaul Klarman, Chief Operating Officer at Boost by Moveo. They'll dive deep into the capabilities of Autoboost, the revolutionary app for monday.com. Discover how Autoboost transforms the automation landscape, enabling functions beyond standard automation possibilities, such as setting values of mirror columns, integrating subitem values in formulas, and creating cross-board automations. Learn about unique triggers and actions exclusive to Autoboost, including the innovative 'when subitem is created' trigger. This session is a must-attend for anyone looking to significantly reduce manual work and unlock advanced automation opportunities within monday.com. Explore how Autoboost can streamline your workflow and revolutionize your process management. Don't miss this chance to elevate your business efficiency with the power of advanced automations!

Try out the Autoboost app for free through this link: http://auth.monday.com/marketplace/10000112?referrer=14179343

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