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Mastering sales cadence: Build your success with monday.com

December 14, 2023

Efficiency is a key goal in any profession, and it's a primary focus for Robbie Perris, our experienced Enterprise Business Consultant at Omnitas. With over 12 years of expertise in sales, Robbie has identified that a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of lead nurturing and conversion is a well-structured sales cadence. While there are various platforms offering this functionality, they often come with significant costs

In this webinar, Robbie will guide you through the process of building and customizing your own sales cadence using monday.com. The session will explore the advantages of having a structured outreach sequence, whether for individual sales professionals or a sales team. Attendees will receive practical tools and insights to get started.

This webinar is ideal for anyone, whether you're new to monday.com's sales CRM or a seasoned user looking to broaden your expertise. Join Robbie Perris on the 6th of December to enhance your sales strategy without the need for additional costly platforms.

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