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Auto-creating folders and templates with dynamic triggers

June 14, 2024

Join Lucas, our Project Team Lead, for an insightful webinar showcasing the capabilities of OmniCloud, an innovative add-on product designed to seamlessly integrate monday.com with your cloud storage solutions like OneDrive, Google Drive, and SharePoint for automatic folder and document creation.

OmniCloud enhances your workflow by automatically creating structured folders and populating them with the necessary templated documents, for example, whenever a new customer is signed or a project is initiated. 

During this session, Lucas will demonstrate how OmniCloud operates in real-time, setting up customized folder structures and ensuring all relevant materials are in place right from the start. Another feature of OmniCloud that he'll showcase is the fact that you can set up dynamic folder structures and document templates depending on different triggers, for example, depending on project type. Whether you're managing customer information, project details, or internal documentation, OmniCloud’s automation features ensure that your documents are organized and accessible, right when you need them.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how OmniCloud can help streamline your document management processes and improve overall productivity. Register now to secure your spot and transform the way you manage your digital workspace with OmniCloud.



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